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Our Goal Is To Help Tourism Professionals & Companies Do Better Business With Each Other

Hello, we're 3BaysOver.

3BaysOver is the tourism industry's 1st online networking platform. It brings like-minded tourism professionals together to simplify collaboration and business-to-business networking. The growing community benefits from a wide range of tools that make it easy to discover, find, communicate, and collaborate with existing and potential business partners.

The company was founded by the geographer and reformed banker Andy Ryan. His mission is to help innovative and passionate tourism professionals and companies break out of their financial and geographical confines, and build profitable business relationships with other members of the industry - regardless of their size or location.

Meet The Team


Roomani Bajaj

Development Team Leader


Yifat Biezuner

Full Stack Developer


Farid Ghanayim

Full Stack Developer


Vincent Gschwindemann

Visual Designer


Meni Lubetkin



Pablo Retamal

Sales & Business Development


Sarit Rotshild

Full Stack Developer


Andy Ryan

Founder & CEO


Marc Schegg

Product & Marketing


Christina V. Sieber

Media & Community


Jasgeet Singh

Full Stack Developer

3BaysOver Creates A Level Playing Field

Not every tourism company can afford costly marketing campaigns or weeks-long sales or contracting trips - razor-thin margins don't leave any room to increase exposure. Unfortunately, many businesses can't identify who the buyers are, or they are dependent on a single client. And very often, companies don't learn about new business opportunities, because they never seem to be in the right place at the right time.

As a result, many businesses struggle to achieve enduring financial success, despite having innovative products, and excellent customer service. Tourism professionals become increasingly frustrated. They feel isolated and powerless.

We believe there is another way. One that is open to every single professional and business in the tourism industry - big or small, near or far.

Companies that are able to build strong business relationships and generate positive word of mouth have a better chance of achieving sustained growth and profitability. 3BaysOver makes it easier for all tourism professionals to build such relationships, and more affordable for tourism companies to tell their story to a global community of tourism professionals.

Our Solutions Are Tailored To The Needs Of The Tourism Industry

As a tourism company ourselves, we know the business challenges that tourism professionals face in this rapidly changing industry. And we know how other industries have successfully built and applied digital networking platforms to make collaboration easier and help overcome their unique B2B-market challenges. We are introducing such solutions to the tourism industry.

If you make a living in tourism, and whether your special place can be found three bays, two mountains, or one continent away, we hope you'll join us for the journey.

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