1. What is the best way to get started on 3BaysOver?

Follow these four easy steps, and you'll be off to a flying start:

1. Complete your Personal Profile - or, at least, upload a good profile photo and cover picture, and write a mini-bio about what you do as a tourism professional. The best profiles also include complete expertise and professional experience sections.

2. Follow at least ten other people on 3BaysOver, so you immediately start building your network on the platform. If your contacts aren't on it yet, then follow people and companies in markets that interest you.

3. Invite at least ten of your contacts who aren't yet on 3BaysOver to join the community. 3BaysOver is most useful when you're in contact with people you know on the platform. So, send your colleagues and partners an invitation. How can I invite my colleagues and business partners to 3BaysOver?

4. Make your first news post on 3BaysOver, so that the community already starts to notice you. What kind of news should I post?

2. What does it mean to "follow" a person or company?

When you follow a person, company, or event on 3BaysOver, you'll see their posts in the Newsfeed. It also means that you're giving people - and only people - the right to send you a private message. To see who follows you, go to your Personal Profile, then click on the tab Following. When a person follows you back, then the two of you become contacts.

Only people can follow other people, companies, and events. Companies and events cannot follow people, companies, nor events.

3. What does it mean if someone is my contact?

When two people follow each other on 3BaysOver, they become contacts. This means that they can both send each other new private messages.

To see a list of your contacts, go to your Personal Profile, then click on the tab Contacts. Only people can be contacts, not companies.

4. How can I most effectively build my tourism network using 3BaysOver?

As with anything of value, building your network on 3BaysOver takes time and effort - It's not something that can happen overnight.

To begin with, make sure your Personal Profile is complete. Then you'll need to follow other users (try following those you know, and also others you don't know but find interesting).

Secondly, regularly publish posts about particular destinations, sales markets, or tourism products and services. This way, you can position yourself as an expert in specific tourism areas. This will help you get noticed by other tourism professionals in the community, who then may choose to follow you.

And finally, in the Newsfeed, comment on posts of other people, companies, and events. This will help you meet other members of the community and begin conversations.

5. How can I find interesting people and companies to follow?

There are several ways you can do this: Enter keywords in Search at the top of the page; click Discover at the top of the page to see a selection of other members; browse the Newsfeed to discover who is posting what; or, for some inspiration, go to other Personal Profiles, Company Profiles, and Event Profiles and click the tab Following (only on Personal Profiles) and the tab Followers to see who they're interacting with.

6. How can I invite my colleagues and business partners to 3BaysOver?

Click Invite Contacts at the top of the page. You'll find two easy ways to invite your tourism contacts:

1. Click Copy link, then paste the registration link into an email, and send the email to your contacts. Or share the registration link on other social media platforms.

2. Enter the first name and email address of a contact. Repeat till you have entered all tourism contacts that you'd like to invite for the time being. Then click Send Invitation. 3BaysOver will automatically send them an invitation email with a registration link.

7. How can I create a Company Profile?

Click on your small profile photo (we call this the You menu) located at the top right of the page. In the drop-down menu, click + Add a company. Then enter your company's basic information. You can also add your current job at the company. When you add a company, then you automatically become its Admin.

8. How do the different employee roles work in a Company Profile?

A company can assign the following roles to individual employees: Admin, Contact Person, and Event Manager. The Admin of the company can manage these roles in the Company Profile, in the tab Employee Roles.

9. How can I publish news and updates?

In Newsfeed, click the post composer at the top, and then enter your content. You can include text, links, and an image in a post. Soon, we'll add the ability to add videos.

When you're the Admin of a company, you also publish a post as the company.

10. What kind of news should I post?

3BaysOver is a B2B-platform for the tourism, travel, and hospitality industry. That means its members are from the trade only, so anything that you post should be relevant to your partners in the industry, as well as to the wider community of industry professionals.

Appropriate content includes news about your market, updates about your products, educational material about your destination or activity, or events your company is going to. It can also include questions to the community, as well as more personal things like your thoughts and opinions about what is happening in the industry.

11. What are mentions, and how can I mention people or companies?

Mention people and companies in posts and comments to get their attention.

To add a mention, use the @ symbol followed by their name. 3BaysOver will auto-suggest names to choose from. The mentioned people and companies will receive a notification for the mention.

12. What are hashtags and how do they work?

Hashtags are a simple way to bring attention to specific words. They allow you to easily convert any word you include in a post or comment into a searchable term.

To create a hashtag, use the # symbol followed by the word. When a reader of a post or comment clicks on the hashtag, 3BaysOver will list matching results in Search.

13. How can I send a message to people and companies?

Use the Messaging feature to send private messages to people and companies.

Click the envelope icon located at the top of the page, and then click See inbox. In Inbox, click the large + button to compose a message. You can send a message to any person that follows you, as well as to any company.

14. How can I send a message to the employees of my company?

When you're the Admin of a company, you can easily send a message to any or all employees of that company - without having to manually enter each employee to the list of recipients.

To send a message to employees, go to the Company Profile, and then click the tab Employee Roles. There, select the employees you want to send your message to, and then click Send a message.

15. What kind of events can I create?

The Events feature allows companies to create and promote any type of offline or online tourism trade event. Whether an industry breakfast or workshop, a webinar or fam trip, a product launch or a tourism trade fair, 3BaysOver makes it easy for companies to showcase their events, list an event's followers and attendees, and publish news about the event.

16. How can I create an event?

Only the Admin and Event Manager of a company can add events.

Go to your Company Profile, then click the tab Events. There, click the large + button to add an event.

17. What is the Manage a Member Directory feature for?

The Manage a Member Directory feature allows any organisation that has members to display those members in its Company Profile. It gives the organisation and its members a private space where they can network and communicate with each other. Both people and companies can be listed as members.

18. How can I activate the Manage a Member Directory feature?

Only the Admin of a company can activate the Manage a Member Directory feature.

Go to your Company Profile, then click the uppermost Edit button, and then click the tab Manage a Member Directory. There, click the empty checkbox named Activate the membership directory. Click Save to activate the feature. The tab Members is now visible in your Company Profile.

19. How can I grow my organisation's member directory?

The member directory becomes useful when a significant proportion of your organisation's members are in the directory. People and companies who are registered on 3BaysOver can get listed on your Company Profile in the tab Members in either of two ways:

1. Individual persons and companies can apply for membership on your Company Profile, in the tab Members, by clicking the button Apply for Membership. You'll receive a notification for each application.

2. You can send individual people and companies an invitation to become members. In your Company Profile, click the tab Members, and then click the button + Add members.

20. When will 3BaysOver become available in other languages?

3BaysOver is currently fully available in English, and partly in Spanish. More sections in Spanish are being added, and other languages are expected to launch in the second half of 2016.

21. When will you have a mobile app?

An early version of our mobile website will launch in March 2016. Native apps for iOS and Android are expected to launch in early 2017.

22. Do I have to pay to use the platform?

No. There are no membership fees to be a member of 3BaysOver. Why not? Because we believe that to achieve our goal of connecting the global tourism industry online, 3BaysOver cannot impose membership fees on its members, as this would limit the number of people who would join.

Using 3BaysOver as a tourism professional is - and will always be - free. Creating and using a Company Profile on 3BaysOver is also free. Premium accounts for companies will launch during 2016, and these will allow companies who wish to upgrade to a premium account to have access to more sophisticated business tools.

23. What other features are in the pipeline?

Lots of great ones! Make sure you check back in often and visit this FAQ and our Tips to stay up to date.

24. Who created 3BaysOver?

A passionate team of international tourism, technology and product experts is behind the product you are using. We work across many time zones to bring you as good a platform as we possibly can. Check out our About Us page on www.3BaysOver.com to learn more.

25. What if my exact specialty or area of expertise is not included in 3BaysOver's classification system?

In your Personal Profile, Company Profiles, and Event Profiles you can select from a wide range of business and tourism types that best describe your expertise and focus.

These lists are comprehensive, so if you think a business or tourism type is missing, please look carefully to make sure it's not there - It may have a different name than what you're used to. If you're sure it's not there, then it may be that it has not yet been included. In such cases, we invite you to reach out to us and let us know. How can I get in touch with the people behind 3BaysOver?

26. How can I get in touch with the people behind 3BaysOver?

We welcome any feedback or questions from our community. And just like with any other company on the platform, you can send us a private message, too. Simply go to our Company Profile, then click the More button, and then click Send a message.