Networking Tools
For The Tourism Professional

3BaysOver gives tourism professionals and their business partners a unique set of tools that simplifies business-to-business networking and collaboration.

Personal Profile Page

Your profile is the first place that potential and existing business partners will visit to get to know you better. Create a beautiful, easy-to-read profile page that highlights your tourism experience and expertise.

personal profile

Company Profile Pages

Present your organisation and its expertise to potential and existing business partners. And there's more ... Your company profile lets you list your employees, publish events, and manage a membership directory, too.

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Add your company's offline and online events, and see who follows or attends them. And keep your business partners up to date by sharing the latest news about your upcoming presentations, roadshows, and workshops.

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Membership Directory

Is your company a tourism board or an association? If so, add a membership directory to your company profile and grow your community. Easily invite potential members, and process membership applications, too.

personal profile

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