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Personal Profile Pages

Create a beautiful, easy-to-read personal profile that highlights your unique tourism experience & expertise.

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Company Profile Pages

Present your organisation to potential business partners. Showcase its expertise, employees, and events.

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Add & promote your company's events. Keep your audience up to date on your presentations, roadshows, and workshops.

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Follow people & companies that interest you. Reach out to people who follow you. And grow your list of industry contacts.

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Membership Directory

Grow your community. Identify potential members and send them invitations. And process membership applications, too.

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Networking Tools

Search, news feeds, and private messaging help you discover, inform, and keep in touch with your business partners.

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News Feed

Share news, photos, and stories with your network. And follow people, companies, and events to get their updates, too.

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Private Messages

Send private messages to your industry contacts. Even when you don't have their latest email addresses or phone numbers.

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Search for people, companies, and events. Filter results according to business types, market segments, and locations.

"3BaysOver makes me better at my job. It allows me to work more closely with my local suppliers. And it helps me stay up to date on my international clients' changing business needs."

A Strong Professional Network Makes It Easier For You To Achieve Your Business Goals


Product Development

An excursion specialist cooperates with lodges and a running club to create its first event & travel package for a 3-day desert ultramarathon race.


Destination Marketing

Hotels, transfer companies & cultural attractions cooperate with their regional tourism board to promote their little-known destination in a new sales market.


Career Growth

Tourism professionals expand & strengthen their professional relationships to advance their careers, find new business opportunities, or simply to acquire new knowledge.

"Our company goes to many trade fairs. 3BaysOver makes it easy to find new buyers that we'd like to meet there. And it helps us promote our own hospitality events long before the fair takes place."

Why The Name "3BaysOver"?

"Just keep walking and you'll find it three bays over," said the local, who in over seventy years, had never left the island.

"It" was one of the local's favourite spots. A quaint lodge nestled on the edge of a steep hill, shrouded by the rainforest, mere metres from the ocean's edge. One of those places that most visitors to the island never get to see.

A friend recounted this story a few years ago. About the memorable days and nights at the rustic yet enchanting lodge. Only made possible by the chance encounter with the hospitable local who had spoken with great knowledge of the island's hidden gems.

This delightful little story inspires our mission here at 3BaysOver:

To make it easier for all tourism professionals & companies to find each other. To learn from each other. To do better business together. And to enrich tourists' lives more fully.

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