The 3BaysOver Manifesto

Our mission is to help create a more efficient, innovative, and equitable tourism industry by connecting the world's tourism professionals - online. These are our guiding principles.

3BaysOver is for the Tourism Industry Only

Tourism is unique. Its members have habits and needs, which are different from those of any other industry. At 3BaysOver, we build tools that are perfect for tourism professionals, not for anyone else.

Business-To-Business is our Business

There are many great B2C travel websites. But great B2B ones are sorely lacking. Networking, communication, and collaborating within the tourism industry have had to take a back seat to booking websites and planning tools. Till now, that is. We're here to change that.

We are Neutral and Independent

3BaysOver is a Swiss-based and independently funded company. We are neither owned nor influenced by any media group, OTA, or trade organisation. On our platform, all industry members can interact with each other in a free and transparent manner, without any favouritism or discrimination.

Create a Level Playing Field

In order for everyone to enjoy the same opportunity to network and do business, 3BaysOver offers free and effective networking tools to the employees of companies and organisations of all sizes and in all markets. As such, it levels a playing field, which to date, has been unfairly dominated by a limited number of bigger companies.

Facilitate Creativity and Innovation

Real-time and seamless communication between different industry members is critical when collaborating on innovative tourism products that respond to changing market demands. That is why helping tourism professionals to connect with each other is at the core of 3BaysOver's mission.

Technology must be Useful and Easy to Use

For too long, industry members have been forced to use frustrating and unfriendly technology. But we promise that you'll enjoy using ours. Because, 3BaysOver is a tourism as well as a technology company. And we pride ourselves on providing tourism professionals with an online product that is both useful and easy to use.

Request an Invitation

Registration is by invitation only. Therefore, we kindly ask that you request an invitation. We'll get in touch with you once we've processed your request.